Does Home Remodeling Really Improve the Value of Your Home

You have probably seen the value of real estate in your neck of the woods skyrocket over the past few years. Even though the property values have fallen slightly over the past year, homes are still selling easily and many are undertaking home remodeling projects prior to selling their home.

It is relatively common knowledge that a home remodel or a home makeover can affect the value of the home.

However, you need to be aware of the cost vs. value of your home remodeling project, in other words you need to take into account as to whether or not the costs of the improvements can or will be recovered when selling your home.

It appears that kitchen and bath remodeling projects tops the list of desired improvements. Master bedrooms and family rooms are also high on the list.

For kitchen remodels, people are looking for a larger more spacious kitchen with some elbow room. Large counter tops, newer appliances and quality flooring top the list of improvements.

Remodeling of a bathroom, particularly the bathroom connected to the master suite seems to be quite desired as well. And one thing that seems to really draw interest is the whirlpool bathtubs.

Just remember a kitchen or a bathroom remodel can get expensive really fast, so if you are planning on selling your home in the near future, it may not be a wise investment.

Some improvements that do not recover costs well are additions to master bedrooms or the finishing of a basement (surprisingly enough).

Please note that the list of desired home improvements seem to differ from region to region (sometimes from city to city) so before embarking on a home remodeling project, be sure to investigate what types of improvements turn people on in your neck of the woods.

It is recommended that you visit Realtor Magazine Online and review the cost vs. value reports before starting any home remodeling project as it seems that in the current market the costs of remodeling a home will exceed the value, so proceed with caution.

If you are simply looking to add value to your home because you are planning on selling your home, it may not be a wise investment to spend thousands of dollars to remodel your home.

The best thing to do if you are looking to increase value is to start from the outside and then work yourself to the interior. Start with things people can see as they first walk up to your home, in other words, start with curb appeal!

Do some yard work and clean up around the exterior of the house. Start with things that people can and will see first. If your house is in need of a coat of paint it may be a wise investment to either clean or paint the exterior. Investing a bit in landscaping will go a long way as well.

A word for the wise: Don’t over-improve your home because you will not recover the investment.

Mobile Home Remodeling

Staying in a home with lots of rooms that require several pieces of furniture, fixtures, and appliances is more convenient for some people, but others consider it a lot easier to purchase smaller homes. If you happen to own a mobile home, you must be content with just enough space and no shared walls. This could probably give you a lot more freedom to create a truly unique space than that of a big home. And one way of doing this is through a mobile home remodeling.

Mobile home remodeling can improve the livability of your old mobile home. With a little budget, some nice decorations and more creativity, you can make your mobile home a haven that you and your family will surely love.

A new color added to your mobile home can give it more meaning and make it livelier. A little paint can brighten your room, but many believe that repainting is not a good idea for wood panels. Paint will not adhere properly on the wood panel, or the wood color will just bleed right through. But if you really want to transform the look of your mobile home, paint alone cannot stop you from giving it a brand new look.

If paint is not for you, wallpaper could be the answer. You can look for wallpapers with a continuous theme or with a flow of color from one room to the next. Aside from this, you can also build porches, so that you can have easy access to enjoy the outdoors. Or you can add inexpensive plants and flowers to improve the appearance of your mobile home.

With these mobile home remodeling ideas combined with your creativity, you will sure be amazed with the results and will find your mobile home a comfortable place to live in.